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"I am a huge believer in giving back and helping out in the community and the world. Think globally, act locally I suppose. I believe that the measure of a person's life is the affect they have on others."

-Steve Nash

What We Have to Offer...

"Lifting the next person as we continue to climb."


​Born out of a strong desire to inspire, motivate and empower the youth in our community we have decided to commit ourselves to fostering and encouraging young people to take the road less traveled and follow their dreams. Most of the time people don’t think they can live up to their full potential because it’s not often they see people around them do it. Sometimes the “hood” gives people tunnel vision where they limit themselves to only things in front of them. As products of that same environment who were determined to chase our dreams, no matter the cost, we want you to know that you too can do the same.  It won’t be easy. You’ll have to make sacrifices and many times you’ll want to give up, but it C A N be done.

It is our hope that this website will provide young adults with the necessary skills and 

motivation to keep God first, work extremely hard and remind them that they can do any 

and everything they want if they want it bad enough.


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