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HAIR: Hair should be neat and nicely kept. While some may want to show off their creativity, most employers will deem unnatural hair color unprofessional so it is probably best to refrain from it. If your hair is really long, we suggest tying it back and keeping it out of your face. 


NAILS: Try your best to keep your nails simple and cute. Although bright colors and wild designs are trendy, nails that are too long, bold and bright may be a distraction. A neutral color with medium length are usually always the best option. 

JACKET/SHIRT/BLOUSE:  It is always good to wear a suit jacket for an utmost professional look. If you decide to go without one, please use discernment when choosing a blouse. Please make sure that if your shirt has buttons, it is wrinkle-free and buttoned all the way up. Try avoiding blouses with deep cuts and v-necks that may reveal too much cleavage or skin.

DRESS/SKIRT/PANTS: Dresses are a great go-to for business professional as well. If you decide on a dress, make sure that it has sleeves or that you're wearing a jacket with it. Please be mindful of length. Dresses and skirts should be at least knee length and nothing shorter. Pants should not fit tightly or too loose. Don't forget to wear a belt if you need one. 

SHOES: Solid colors are most appropriate when choosing which pair of shoes to wear. Try avoiding open-toed and strappy styles, those usually give a casual look.  If you decide to wear heels, please make sure that you can walk confidently in them. Also, be very conservative with your heel height, anything taller than three inches is not very professional. A classic black pump usually does the job. 


JEWELRY: Jewelry should be modest, nothing too flashy or too much. Studs, simple necklaces and a watch are perfect complements. Try not to wear big hoops, bamboo earrings or any piece that makes too bold of a statement. Let your jewelry make a statement without stealing the show. 

MAKEUP: Makeup should be kept to a minimal, to give a natural-like look. Try staying away from colorful eyeshadows, really long eyelashes and bright lipsticks that may distract the interviewer. You should aim to capture not just the eye, but the heart. 


1) Appearance is everything. Dress the part, make a lasting impression.


2) Best color choices for professional dress are black, brown, gray and navy blue.

3) Make sure that your clothes are neatly ironed and check for lint or dangling threads.

4) We highly recommend covering up your tattoos and removing all face piercings 


5) Don't let the clothes wear you, you wear the clothes.


HAIR: Please make sure that your hair is nicely groomed and kept, this includes facial hair. We recommend shaving the night before for a nice, clean look. If you have dreads or any hair of great length, we recommend pulling it back and away from your face. 

JACKET/SUIT: Suits should be nicely tailored and always worn with a belt. Your pants should not be baggy, but more fitted.  We recommend having one break where your pants come down to your shoes. Also, it is best to always leave the last button unbuttoned on your suit while standing and fully unbuttoned while seated.


SHIRT/TIE: If you choose to just go with a shirt or tie, keep them both conservative. Wear a solid color shirt and always wear a tie. For the most professional look, we recommend a full Windsor knot tie. The tip of your tie should end at your belt, nothing shorter or longer.

SHOES: Polished brown or black leather style dress shoes are recommended. Please refrain from wearing any sneakers or sports like shoes. It is best practice to wear shoes that match the color of your belt. 

JEWELRY: You should have at least one timeless jewelry piece. We suggest a very conservative watch, nothing flashy or blinged out. If you do have piercings, even if it is just your ears, we suggest taking them out.

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