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A resume, French for "summary", offers the reader a quick snapshot of one's life. No longer than one page in length, it is the best reflection of you and your talents. To provide the best representation , it is imperative to include the following information:


  1. Contact Information- *Address, Phone number, Email address, Professional accounts (LinkedIn, Personal websites)

  2. Education-Information about your High school, College

  3. Experience- Jobs, Internships, Leadership Positions

  4. Activities/Organization Affiliations- Clubs, Professional, Civic and Church Organizations

  5. Honors/Awards- Honor Roll/Deans List, Sport Awards

*We don't recommend placing addresses on resumes if you are applying to jobs in a city different from your current address.


Action verbs are one of the most important aspects of any resume. Make your resume stand out by using words that define your experience, not just simply describe it. Check out this great reference to find the perfect words for your resume.


Accompanied with most resumes are cover letters. Unlike resumes, cover letters are more formal and give the reader a warm and inviting introduction to you. It is your opportunity to highlight your skills and strengths and discuss what talents you wish to bring to the company. If done well, cover letters will help pitch to employers that you are qualified for the position and will be a great asset to the team.

Please reference our personal resumes below for a guide to making yours just right.



Sample Cover Letter:

jeffron's cl

jasmin's cl

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